About us

Win Fat Food, LLC is a family-owned business established in 1999 that specializes in processing, wholesaling, and distributing the freshest poultry products along the Pacific coast. Our operating principals are based on providing the freshest product in a manner that is cost-effective, while maintaining high levels of acuity in quality control. Our facility fully complies with HACCP requirements and is inspected daily by the United States Department of Agriculture. We boast a hard-working and well-trained staff committed to cleanliness, efficiency, and safety.


At the time when Win Fat Food LLC entered the poultry industry, most of the broiler chickens supplied to the western United States were processed in the South. By the time the product arrived in the West Coast, typically 2-4 days after processing, our founders noticed that the freshness of the product would be compromised. Then came the realization that an opportunity existed – deliver a fresher product to the local market by processing it in Southern California.

We started supplying fresh chicken parts to restaurants in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and the Inland Empire. This gave our clients the ability to compete in their market with fresher chicken at low costs. As a result of our clients’ growth and success, consumer demand grew and our product-line made its way in to larger distribution channels. Today, Win Fat Food is recognized as a reliable, consistent source of fresh poultry products for broadline food distributors, further processors, and high-traffic restaurants.


Win Fat Food, LLC is the original creator and purveyor of the Butterfly Thigh. This specialty cut is utilized by barbeque and grill houses that demand efficiency, as a grill-master is able to fully cook a whole thigh in less than 3 minutes. Our cutters are trained to skillfully produce large volumes in a short period of time.